The Best Of: François Ozon

A filmmaker who has directed – and mostly written – 19 features over the course of the last two decades, François Ozon is the very definition of prolific. His films run the gamut from nerve-jangling thriller and outré comedy to relationship dramas and intimate character studies. To celebrate the release of his latest film, the nostalgia-tinged ‘Summer of ‘85’, Curzon Home Cinema has selected six Ozon films that highlight his extraordinary range. ‘By the Grace of God’ channels the director’s anger at the Catholic Church’s failure to deal with decades of systemic child abuse within its organisation, as seen through the eyes of three grown men haunted by abuse. In the visually dazzling ‘Frantz’, shot in stunning black and white, a young woman attempts to come to terms with the death of her fiancé in the First World War and in doing so uncovers a mystery. Isabelle Carré gives a riveting central performance in ‘Le Refuge’, which features one of Ozon’s most complex characters. Marine Vacth takes centre stage in both ‘Jeune et jolie’ and ‘L’Amant double’, both of which find Ozon exploring the limits of sexuality. And in ‘Ricky’, an outlier amongst Ozon’s film, a loving couple find life takes a strange turn when their baby sprouts wings. Surreal it may be, but ‘Ricky’ perfectly highlights Ozon’s ability to constantly surprise and entertain.