Basic Instinct

A Studiocanal restoration of the cult erotic thriller Basic Instinct, originally released in 1992.

Paul Verhoeven’s classic tale of sex, deception, blackmail and murder. Detective Nick Curran’s investigation of a rock star’s brutal murder with an ice pick leads him to glacial beauty and best-selling author Catherine Tramell (Sharon Stone). Despite Nick’s entanglement with police psychologist Dr Beth Garner (Jeanne Tripplehorn) and the ever-present Roxy (Leilani Sarelle), Catherine’s sultry and possessive girlfriend, the two begin a torrid affair. But when Nick discovers that Catherine’s fictional, murderous storylines have a habit of coming true, he begins to wonder if his attraction to Catherine might turn out to be a fatal one…

Directed by
Runtime 128 Minutes
Release date 1992
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