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Brian and Charles

Brian and Charles

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A solitary inventor sparks up a friendship with his AI creation in this sci-fi comedy by Jim Archer and starring David Earl and Chris Hayward.

Brian Gittens (Earl) is an inventor living in rural Wales. He whiles away his time coming up with a variety of contraptions. But when he finds a mannequin’s head, he decides to have a go at creating an artificial intelligence. His attempts appear to fail, but following an electrical storm, he finds his model walking about in his garden. Having consumed the contents of an English dictionary, Brian’s invention states that he would like to be known as Charles Petrescu (Hayward) and a friendship develops. But not everyone is as welcoming.

With echoes of Spielberg’s AI Artificial Intelligence, Her and Robot and Frank, Brian and Charles is a wry, funny and intelligently written comedy-drama that won over audiences at the Sundance Film Festival earlier this year. Earl and Hayward’s script is a joy, while Archer’s direction is unfussy, but skilfully weaves a magic spell around this lovely, witty and warming tale.

Directed by
Runtime 90 Minutes
Release date 10 October 2022
  • Certification: pg