Keira Knightley excels in a portrait of the great French writer, covering the period from her emergence on the public stage to her decision to take control of her own life. Following her marriage to Willy, one of the Paris literary scene’s most charismatic characters, Colette is transformed from quiet country girl to a young woman whose fascination with the world around her transforms her into a brilliant writer. But Willy deems it best that her work is published under his name. However, as Colette becomes more immersed in the world around her, her situation grows increasingly unappealing and Colette’s desire to break free ever more urgent. Featuring a super performance by Knightley and with excellent support from Denise Gough and Dominic West, this is a beautifully realised drama from the filmmakers behind ‘Still Alice’.

★★★★ “A highly enjoyable and bracing piece of work” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

★★★★ “Anchoring it all is Keira Knightley’s fiery performance as the restless, joyful, exasperated and sometimes exasperating Colette.” - Helen O’Hara, Empire

Directed by
Runtime 111 Minutes
Release date 2019