Far From The Tree

This life-affirming documentary follows the lives of Jack, Jason, Loini, Trevor, Leah and Joe who challenge society’s narrow definition of “normal”. We meet them and their families and discuss how expectations placed on children, parents, and families have such power to turn “unconditional love” on its head by ways of extraordinary challenges. Fascinated with this idea, writer and film subject Andrew Solomon’s work on this issue stems from his own traumatic experience coming out as gay to his parents. Rejected and cast aside, he tried everything to regain his parents’ love and be “normal,” including conversion therapy. In a quest for understanding, this film encourages us to let go of our preconceptions – for example, about people with autism or dwarfism – and celebrate our loved ones for all that makes them uniquely themselves.

“It wasn’t until I tried to change who I was, I tried as hard as I possibly could, that I realised that who I was, wasn’t changeable. … How do we decide what to cure and what to celebrate?” - Andrew Solomon, Far From The Tree

Directed by
Runtime 93 Minutes
Release date 2020