Set during the mid 19th century in Snowdonia, Gwen (Eleanor Worthington-Cox) lives with her sister Mari (Jodie Innes) and her mother (Maxine Peake). The industrial revolution is scarring the earth and their flint cottage is meagre shelter against the icy winds as they eke out a meagre existence. Forces marshal against them, as the local baron eyes their home as a site for their new quarry, and matters turn fatal. Evoking the spirit of the Brontë sisters (transplanted to North Wales), this is a supremely atmospheric period piece that haunts the mind. Full of rich, macabre imagery, Gwen is also a showcase for Maxine Peake and Eleanor Worthington-Cox’s superbly turned performances.

★★★★ “Chilling mystery horror” - Cath Clarke, The Guardian

Directed by
Runtime 84 Minutes
Release date 2019