Il Postino

One of the most moving and poetic films ever made, Michael Radford’s epoch-making ‘Il Postino’ is now presented in a stunning restored version. It won the Oscar for Best Music and was nominated for four others, including Best Picture. Telling the fictional story of the real-life Nobel laureate poet Pablo Neruda’s exile to a tiny island off Italy where, being a high-profile figure, he receives such huge quantities of mail that the local post office must hire an extra postman: Il Postino. Though shy and poorly educated, the new postman (Massimo Troisi) is intrigued by Neruda (Philippe Noiret ‘Cinema Paradiso’) and devises ploys to engage his attention. The unlikely duo become friends as Neruda is charmed by the fresh simplicity of the postman whose love for poetry he then applies to woo local beauty, Beatrice. Framed by an unforgettable Oscar-winning score by Luis Bacalov, ‘Il Postino’ is an undisputed masterpiece. “Delivers gentle lyricism in spades. Expect sun-dappled Mediterranean vistas and loads of poetry.” - Time Out

Directed by
Runtime 108 Minutes
Release date 1995