I'm Fine (Thanks For Asking)

I'm Fine (Thanks For Asking)


This smart comedy-drama captures the race-against-time circumstances many found themselves in when the pandemic shut down their ability to earn.

Danny (Kelley Kali), a recently widowed mother, lost her apartment due to the events surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. She has no choice but to get her skates on – literally – as a way of earning the cash that can guarantee her and her daughter Wes (Wesley Moss) a roof over their heads. But it’s easier said than done. The pandemic pinch affects everyone and any trickle down of cash in the local community is drying up fast. But Danny is determined to find a way to escape the economic trap, no matter what.

Star and co-director – with Angelique Molina – Kali’s film was shot on a micro-budget during one of Los Angeles’ lockdowns. It captures the unease and otherworldliness of life in the city during that period, while remaining tightly focused on Danny’s predicament. The filmmakers, who also co-wrote the script with Roma Kong, lighten their protagonist’s near-desperate search for work with welcome levity. They shy away from judging any character – there’s no good and bad here, just people dealing with their own problems and issues – and in doing so channel the generosity of spirit that has defined the recent work of Sean Baker, whose The Florida Project this film bears some comparison with. Kali is a charismatic lead and Moss an impressive newcomer. It’s their interaction, along with their encounters with a wealth of other characters that brings richness to this modest yet winning film.

We are thrilled to be welcome star, co-writer and co-director Kelley Kali to Curzon Home Cinema to introduce I’m Fine (Thanks for Asking) and her exclusive curated Director’s Picks collection. Watch Kali’s Introduction below for free after you’ve rented the film.

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Runtime 86 Minutes
Release date 3 March 2023
  • Certification: 15
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