Jeune Et Jolie

François Ozon’s portrait of emerging sexuality is the first of his collaborations with newcomer Marine Vacth.

Vacth plays Isabelle, the daughter of wealthy middle-aged couple Sylvie (Géraldine Pailhas) and Patrick (Frédéric Pierrot). After a brief summertime dalliance, which leaves her repulsed, 17-year-old Isabelle decides to regard sex as more of business transaction than anything intimate. But her secret life is also informed by the secrets held within her domestic life. Though some of her encounters pass without incident, Isabelle finds herself in an increasingly dangerous situation, which Ozon mines for surprising levels of suspense. Eschewing any moral judgement on Isabelle’s actions, as well as those around her, Ozon’s film is more of a character study with tension gradually increasing throughout.

BBFC Certified 18 - Contains strong sex, nudity and very strong language

★★★★ “The impassivity of the movie’s surface bespeaks the depth of the movie’s perception” - Nigel Andrews, Financial Times

★★★★ “A detailed, mesmerising slow burn” - Ian Freer, Empire

Directed by
Runtime 95 Minutes
Release date 2013