Extending the narrative of his BIFA-winning short ‘Jacked’ Rene van Pannevis’ feature debut avoids the cliches of the British crime drama with a character-driven portrait of a young man desperate to escape his situation.

Rob (an impressive star turn by newcomer Charley Palmer Rothwell) has made an art out of stealing cars. So it’s no surprise when his mate Leo (Shane Meadows regular Thomas Turgoose) involves him in the riskier job he’s been given by local hood Amire (Daniel-John Williams). It might be a way out for Rob, who spends most of his time looking after his ailing, occasionally abusive father. But there’s also a danger if things go wrong. Pannevis’ film increases in tension as the fallout from the job becomes apparent, but he never loses focus on his nuanced portrait of youth in a forgotten part of Britain.

★★★★ “It’s this kind of political and lyrical film-making that lingers” - Ellen E Jones, The Guardian

Directed by
Runtime 89 Minutes
Release date 2020