Cannes-winning director Kim Ki-duk’s daring portrayal of a dysfunctional family plays out like a warped Greek tragedy.

A spurned wife who is seeking revenge against her adulterous husband lashes out at their teenage son, castrating him with a knife. Distraught and driven by guilt, the father explores desperate methods in order to help his maimed son.

★★★★ “When it comes to provocation, Abel Ferrara is a benign amateur compared with South Korea’s erratic but sometimes inspired Kim Ki-duk” - Jonathan Romney, The Guardian

★★★★ “Works you over in the old-fashioned, Rabelaisian way, conjuring great whoops of laughter from the depths of debasement” - Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

BBFC Certified 18 - strong violence, sex, sexual violence

Directed by
Runtime 89 Minutes
Release date 2013
  • Certification: 18