Raindance Student Showcase

Raindance Student Showcase

Student Showcase

Raindance is not only a festival, it’s also one of the top film school in the UK and in the world! Our university offers BA, HND and MA courses, and every year we welcome students from all over the world in our own house in the heart of London. These students are the next generation of filmmakers getting ready to go out there and conquer the film industry! Although they are still studying, their talent is clearly visible: in fact, their projects are so brilliant that we’ve decided to screen them during our 29th edition. So sit back, relax, and enjoy these new stories told by new filmmakers.

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Director: Vikram Bhatti| United Kingdom| 2021| 7 minutes

Take the Back Seat
Director: Oliver McNeil| United Kingdom| 2021| 6 minutes

You Were Flying
Director: Jarvis Laurence| United Kingdom| 2021| 9 minutes

No Letters
Director: Isabella Johnston| United Kingdom| 2021| 9 minutes

Director: Acacia Khonji| United Kingdom| 2021| 8 minutes

Ditrector: Acacia Khonji| United Kingdom| 2021| 9 minutes

Where God Kept His Promises
Director: Luca Petrone| United Kingdom| 2021| 6 minutes

The Ties of Blood
Dircetor: Rendy Fontan| United Kingdom| 2021| 13 minutes


Director: Priscila Carvalho Vailones| United Kingdom| 14 minutes

Director: Ana Muether| United Kingdom| 17 minutes

Director: Alice Lucy| United Kingdom| 14 minutes

Hangers in July
Dircetor: Christian Schifano| United Kingdom| 13 minutes

Director: Sophie Knighton| United Kingdom| 28 minutes

Dircetor: Hayley-May Muirhead| United Kingdom| 14 minutes

London Burning
Dircetor: Francesca Waldo-Forrester| United Kingdom| 12 minutes

I’m Going Home
Director: Aineias Babulis| United Kingdom| 23 minutes

Hair of the Dog
Director: Catherine Badcock| United Kingdom| 16 minutes

Spetem Sinners
Director: Amelia Giovanelli| United Kingdom| 10 minutes


Director: Martin Tunnicliffe-Squirrell| United Kingdom| 15 minutes

Director: Sierra Callaghan| United Kingdom| 6 minutes

Director: Cristiane Gomes| United Kingdom| 12 minutes

Not Alone
Director: Jay Finocchiaro & Mycle Scheue| United Kingdom| 9 minutes

The Text Kit
Dircetor: Barbara Vonau| United Kingdom| 8 minutes

Being Someone Else
Director: Øyvind Aamli| United Kingdom| 9 minutes

The Bleach
Director: Corine Attieh| United Kingdom| 10 minutes

Directed by
Runtime 100 Minutes
Release date 2021

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