Rams (2021)

This re-envisioning of the critically acclaimed and Cannes-winning 2015 Icelandic drama profits from its shift to warmer climes, as Sam Neill and Michael Caton’s warring siblings face a potential disaster.

Colin (Neill) and Les (Caton) both raise sheep on neighbouring farms in Western Australia, but have barely spoken to each other in decades. However, when disease strikes one of Les’ prize-winners and local authorities decide that all livestock in the valley must be slaughtered to prevent the infection from spreading, the brothers soon find themselves cast adrift together from the majority opinion. But is common ground enough for them to let go of festering resentment?

Like Grímur Hákonarson’s original film, Jeremy Sims’ character-driven film skilfully balances drama with levity. Having portrayed a variety of harrumphing upstarts (most splendidly in Hunt for the Wilderpeople), here Neill plays the more likeable of the siblings, with Caton perfect as the glowering grump. And the landscape is a sight to behold.

Directed by
Runtime 115 Minutes
Release date 2021