Rare Beasts

Rare Beasts


Billie Piper makes her debut as writer and director with this frantic, funny anti-romcom about a writer and mother seeking happiness.

As a writer, Mandy writes about love in a world where romance seems to be non-existent. Dealing with parents (a superb Kerry Fox and David Thewlis) whose relationship resembles a bomb crater and raising a son alone, she gets involved with Pete (Leo Bill), who comes with his own baggage of troubles. But can she find a way to achieve her goals in life, work and love?

A gifted actor, both on stage and screen, Piper balances natural charisma with an ability to immersive herself into character. As both a writer and director she cuts to the chase – Rare Beasts is a snappy first feature that doesn’t wait around. It’s also an indication of Piper’s ambitions as a filmmaker.

Directed by
Runtime 87 Minutes
Release date 2021
  • Certification: 15