Oscar-winner Brie Larson and Jacob Tremblay are superb in Lennie Abrahamson’s impressive adaptation of Emma Donoghue’s disquieting novel.

Ma and Jack have lived for years in one room. They are the captives of a man – unseen – who kidnapped Ma from her home. He is also Jack’s father. They exist on tenterhooks, each day never quite knowing the mood of their captor. But Ma has a plan and if it works, Jack will be able to see the outside world for the first time in his life. Garage, What Richard Did and Normal People director Abrahamson performs a minor cinematic miracle here. With a drama that mostly unfolds in one small room, he accentuates the sense of claustrophobia whilst also exploding the space – we never bore of the action because the camera – brilliantly handled by cinematographer Danny Cohen – explores every nook and cranny, shelf, door and corner. It becomes a world, one that Ma does her best to transform into a place of wonder for her son. And both Larson and Tremblay excel in drawing us into it.

Directed by
Runtime 113 Minutes
Release date 2015
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