Shallow Grave

David, Alex and Juliet are looking for a flatmate. When Hugo appears, he’s like a breath of fresh air. He seems like a cool guy, and he passes a rigorous interviewing process with ease and charm. Hugo soon proves to be just as cool as his new flatmates thought. So cool, in fact, that he is discovered lying stone cold dead in his room the day after he moves in. Cause of death, says Juliet is a massive drugs overdose. This pales into insignificance, however, beside the large suitcase full to bursting point with a huge amount of cash - money that smells as funny as Hugo’s decomposing body. David, Alex and Juliet are presented with a massive moral dilemma. Do they tell the police, hand in the cash and behave like normal members of society? Not a hope.

Directed by
Runtime 92 Minutes
Release date 1994