The Feast

The Feast

Greed, as far as this hugely accomplished slow-burn of an atmospheric Welsh-language chiller goes, ultimately consumes those who crave it.

Cadi (a superb Annes Elwy) has been employed to help out on a dinner hosted by arrogant local MP Gwyn (Julian Lewis Jones) and his social-climbing wife Glenda (Nia Roberts). They’ve invited rapacious developer friend Euros (Rhodri Meilir) and neighbour Mair (Lisa Palfrey), whose mineral deposits beneath her land Euros wants to excavate. Gwyn and Glenda live in an ultra-modernist house that resembles a carbuncle amidst the lush Welsh countryside, but its ugliness pales against its occupants’ behaviour as the evening wears on.

Working with Roger Williams’ impressive script, which favours increasing dread over revelations or shocks, Lee Haven Jones’ film revels in unease. The awkwardness between Gwyn, Glenda and their two sons is palpable from the outset. Bjørn Ståle Bratberg’s camera, moving inexorably along the bland hallways is matched by the chilliness of Samuel Sim’s score. As tensions rise, with Euros and Glenda perplexed by Mair’s seeming lack of desire for money when it comes to a potentially lucrative land deal, Jones’ turns up the heat, leading to a bloody and impressively staged climax.

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Directed by
Runtime 93 Minutes
Release date 21 November 2022
  • Certification: 18