The Flavour Of Green Tea Over Rice

One of the ineffably lovely domestic sagas made by Yasujiro Ozu at the height of his mastery, ‘The Flavour of Green Tea over Rice’ is a sublimely piercing portrait of a marriage coming quietly undone. Secrets and deceptions strain the already tenuous relationship of a childless, middle-aged couple, as the wife’s city-bred sophistication bumps up against the husband’s small-town simplicity, and a generational sea change—in the form of her headstrong, modern niece—sweeps over their household. The director’s abiding concern with family dynamics receives one of its most spirited treatments, with a wry, tender humour and buoyant expansiveness that moves the action from the home into the baseball stadiums, pachinko parlours, and ramen shops of postwar Tokyo.

Directed by
Runtime 116 Minutes
Release date 1952