The Offering

Available 30 July

The past inexorably haunts the present in this story of a lost love whose reappearance in a psychiatrist’s life sets into motion unexpected events.

Violeta is a successful psychiatrist. She receives an unexpected visit by new patient Rita, only to discover that the woman is married to Jan, the man who walked out Violeta 20 years ago. At first, Violeta believes the sessions with Rita are an attempt to help her patient fix what is wrong in her marriage, but it soon becomes clear that Jan has an ulterior motive – one that could tear Violeta’s world apart.

Spanish director Ventura Durall’s second narrative feature, which he also wrote, is a taut psychodrama that keeps us guessing. And it’s powered by the three central performances of Anna Alarcón, Verónica Echegui and Alex Brendemühl.

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Directed by
Runtime 111 Minutes
Release date 2021