The Seasons In Quincy

John Berger’s death at the beginning of this year robbed European culture (Berger was a defiant Europhile) of one of its greatest thinkers, writers and humanists. The author of many groundbreaking works, including ‘Ways of Seeing’, ‘A Seventh Man’ and ‘Pig Earth’, he has touched the lives of millions, across multiple generations, with his fascinating worldview.

‘The Seasons in Quincy’ is an affectionate portrait by those who knew him.The four essay films combine different aspects of Berger’s life in the Haute-Savoie with ideas and motifs from his work amid the reflective atmosphere of his mountain home. Each film was created as an individual work of art but viewed together form a beautifully paced and meditative feature-length documentary that demonstrates how film can move beyond text and art to offer a multifaceted and multilayered portrait of an extraordinary human being.

Berger’s friend, and Academy Award-winning actor, Tilda Swinton plays a pivotal role throughout this fitting testament to a unique voice.

Directed by
Runtime 93 Minutes
Release date 2017