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Transient Ventures

Transient Ventures

The movement of people from place to place is one of the most basic of human functions. People move to discover new things, or maybe they have been forced to move through war and outside influences. Nothing is ever set in stone, however, and the wave of time will soon wash over it all.

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Be Somebody
Director: Edelawit Hussien | Ethiopia | 2020 | 15 Minutes | International Premiere

East Water
Director: Diana Medrano | Chile | 2021 | 22 Minutes | International Premiere

Sisters’ Busy Hands
Director: Jovi Lee Yi-Shan | Taiwan | 2020 | 37 Minutes | European Premiere

The Mirage
Director: Santosh Dahal | Nepal | 2021 | 27 Minutes | World Premiere

Directed by
Runtime 90 Minutes
Release date 2021

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