Two Of Us

Filippo Meneghetti’s drama is a sensual and at times taut exploration of a love affair between two women that has remained secret for years.

Septuagenarians Nina (Barbara Sukowa) and Madeleine (Martine Chevallier) have long been neighbours. Nina has watched on as Madeleine has lived through her marriage and raised a family. And for decades they have been lovers. Now that Madeleine’s husband has gone, she agrees to open up to her family about their relationship, but when the time comes, she remains quiet. Events soon impact their dynamic and for the first time, Madeleine’s family finds Nina’s constant presence odd, if not suspicious.

Meneghetti’s screenplay, co-written with Malysone Bovorasmy and Florence Vignon, makes the most of the friction in a scenario where only two people are privy to what is going on, allowing us to witness Nina’s frustration and understand the attitude of Madeleine’s family towards her. It’s a refreshing take on a gay relationship, made all the more impressive by the performances of Chevallier and former Fassbinder collaborator Sukowa.

Directed by
Runtime 95 Minutes
Release date 2021