One of the world’s most influential filmmakers and a leading figure of the Nouvelle Vague movement of the 60’s, Jean-Luc Godard’s works have transformed the face of cinema. ‘Weekend’ remains one of the most legendary, audacious and acclaimed films of his distinguished career. A bickering, scheming, bourgeois couple leave Paris for the French countryside to claim an inheritance by nefarious means. Almost immediately, they become entangled in a cataclysmic traffic jam, which is just the beginning of a journey fraught with violent and dangerous encounters: rape, murder, pillage and even cannibalism. Famed for its virtuoso cinematography - including a stunning ten-minute tracking shot - Godard’s dystopian road movie is a ferocious attack on consumerism.BBFC Certified 18

Directed by
Runtime 98 Minutes
Release date 1967