Where Is Anne Frank

Where Is Anne Frank

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The imaginary character Anne Frank addressed in her diary comes to life in a resonant portrait of our world by the director of Waltz with Bashir.

Ari Folman’s film opens in Anne Frank’s lifetime, from the moment she received a diary as a gift from her parents and her creation of Kitty, her imaginary friend and to whom her diary is written. A freak incident sees Kitty brought to life, unaware of Anne’s fate, who looks at the way the world is now and employing her friend’s worldview to suggest that Anne would be less that happy with the lack of humanity that exists.

Like he best animation, Folman’s film successfully appeals to adults as well as children, skilfully telling Frank’s tale but also employing Kitty as a cypher to highlight a world dominated by oppression, persecution and prejudice. As Kitty notes of her friend, ‘Anne did not write this diary so that you could worship her. What is important is important, do everything you can to save one single soul from harm.’ As with his previous films, Waltz with Bashir and The Congress, Folman creates a visually dazzling, frequently expressionistic portrait whose concerns are powerful without ever being preachy.

Directed by
Runtime 99 Minutes
Release date 12 September 2022
  • Certification: pg