Your Mum and Dad: A Devastating Truth

Your Mum and Dad: A Devastating Truth

Klaartje Quirijns turns her camera on her own family history in this piercing study of domestic trauma and its impact on subsequent generations.

There is a secret in Quirijns’ family. She has known about it since she was young, but it has mostly gone unspoken. Her mother appears reticent to discuss it. And when Quirijns broaches her two young daughters about their relationship with her, there is a suggestion that this past has played a significant role in their dynamic. But Quirijns is not alone in having a history that plays out on a subconscious level in the present, as her documentary gradually reveals.

The idea behind Your Mum and Dad: A Devastating Truth began when Quirijns received unsettling medical news. But it soon broadens beyond her own orbit to take in her wider family, her ex-husband and the role of psychoanalysis in resolving – of at the very least, bring to the surface – the long-term impact of past events. Frank and moving, without descending into sentimentality, Your Mum and Dad: A Devastating Truth is a very specific story whose repercussions hint at a more universal experience that many will identify with.

Directed by
Runtime 75 Minutes
Release date 2022
  • Certification: 15