All About Almodóvar

There is no one in cinema quite like Pedro Almodóvar. One of the world’s most celebrated filmmakers, his body of work bridges popular and arthouse cinema. He has frequently challenged taboos and mores – not without controversy at times – whilst entertaining us with his tales of jealousy, guilt, obsession and desire. His dramas run the gamut from sexy to demented, exploring our baser instincts as well as our virtues. And is there any other contemporary filmmaker who understands so completely the seductiveness of colour in cinema?

Almodóvar emerged out of La Movida Madrileña, the Madrid art scene that rapidly expanded following the death of Spanish dictator General Francisco Franco in 1975. Initially evincing a punk aesthetic in his work, Almodóvar’s style developed in sophistication and verve, just as his name became a byword for excellence in European cinema. Today, he is almost as much of a household name as Hitchcock and like that master of suspense, Almodóvar has long delighted in the thrill of cinema. This collection spans the last three decades and offers the perfect introduction to this filmmaker’s sensual, occasionally provocative world.