Home With The Family

Let’s forego the Tolstoy quote about happy and unhappy families. Let’s face it, even in the happiest of times there’s always one member who seems intent on spoiling things. Still, could be worse. You could be a member of one of the families featured in this film. They run the gamut from venal (‘Knives Out’, ‘Happy End’, ‘Archipelago’) to murderous (‘Killing of a Sacred Deer’, ‘Neighbouring Sounds’ and ‘Knives Out’ again). There’s always a sense that someone is hiding something (‘The Sweet Hereafter’, ‘Secrets & Lies’). And even if they’re as sweet as the Shibatas in ‘Shoplifters’ or the Knights in ‘Fighting with My Family’, are you really sure you want to be a member of them? We run the gamut from comedy and social drama to thrillers with an icy chill in their heart. All to remind you that there’s no place like the family hearth.