Leningrad Cowboys Go America

Made available in HD for the first time in the UK by Curzon.

This hilarious road movie from Finnish director Aki Kaurismäki follows the misadventures of the worst rock and roll band in the world, the Leningrad Cowboys. When a promoter in their native Siberia, stunned by the band’s lack of talent, advises them to try their luck in America they head for New York. Having learned English en-route on the plane and sporting shades, outsize quiffs and outrageously long winkle-pickers, they are passed off on Americans. Jim Jarmusch, in a cameo role as a shifty car salesman, sells them an old Cadillac in which they head south with their frozen bass player and a coffin full of beer.

★★★★ “Completely offbeat, but the comic timing and tone is hit perfectly in almost every scene” - Kirsty Mcneill, Empire

Directed by
Runtime 75 Minutes
Release date 1989