My Dinner With Andre

Two legends of the theatre discuss life, the universe and pretty much everything else in this hugely admired conversation piece from Louis Malle.

Acclaimed playwrights, essayists and actors Wallace Shawn and André Gregory meet at Café des Artistes in Manhattan. Initially, Gregory dominates the conversation with his exploits over the course of the previous five years, from working with theatre groups in Europe to traveling through the Sahara. Shawn’s response is to ground the conversation in the virtues of everyday life – that its pleasures can be obtained through the simplest acts. Malle’s camera is the third member of the group and we are given a rare insight into the minds of two fascinating – albeit slightly fictional – people. My Dinner with Andre is a celebration of friendship, conversation and the pleasures of a cup of coffee.

Directed by
Runtime 109 Minutes
Release date 1981