Nicholas Cage stars in yet another cult classic with this tale of cooking, kidnapping, revenge and the virtues of human-porcine friendship.

Robin (Cage) lives a solitary life in the forested mountains of Oregon. His needs are simple, living from day to day and taking care of his beloved truffle-foraging pig. But Robin’s prelapsarian existence comes to a violent end when an intruder breaks into his cabin in the woods, beats him senseless and steals his pig. Venturing back to Portland in search of it, Robin faces up to his past and forces that seek to ensure he is never reunited with his trotter friend.

In recent years, Cage has starred in a variety of cult favourites and oddities, from the enjoyably scuzzy thrills of Drive Angry and the otherworldly strangeness of Color Out of Space to the demented craziness of Mandy. But here, with a set-up that initially suggests a bacon Taken, Pig instead transforms into a study in controlled rage, with Cage turning in one of the finest performances of his career. It’s a one-of-a-kind film tailor-made for its wayward, one-of-a-kind star.

Directed by
Runtime 92 Minutes
Release date 2021
  • Certification: 15