Queen & Country

The long-awaited sequel to the Oscar-nominated masterpiece Hope and Glory, Queen & Country is the wonderfully witty and deeply moving new film by acclaimed director John Boorman (Deliverance, Point Blank).

Focusing on Bill and Percy, two young and disillusioned army recruits in the early 50s, the film follows their escapades as they while away their days chasing girls and making mischief. But the war in Korea is looming and authority is pressing in around them, creating tensions that will test their relationship to breaking point…

Featuring stirring performances from its two young leads and star turns from Richard E. Grant and David Thewlis, Queen & Country paints a wistful, nostalgic portrait of post-war Britain, shot through with a ribald humour reminiscent of Catch 22.

Directed by
Runtime 115 Minutes
Release date 2015