François Ozon’s adaptation of a Rose Tremain short story takes off in truly unexpected directions.

Katy (Alexandra Lamy) and Paco (Sergi López) have borne hardship in their lives. Falling in love, the future for them looks rosier. And then their child Ricky arrives. It’s not that the baby is foul-tempered. (We’re a long way from ‘We Need to Talk About Kevin’.) It’s just that he can, well, fly. Teenagers flying the coop is one thing, but cherubic Ricky, with his set of wings, seems keen to break free. The pleasure of Ozon’s comedy-drama lies in the fact that everything in this world save for Ricky’s tiny appendages appears to be absolutely normal. Even the wings are accepted by Katy and Paco. But with the child’s newfound abilities, the film shifts from a classic kitchen-sink drama to something stranger and delightful.

★★★★ “It would be risible if Ozon’s hand didn’t remain so steady and confident throughout” - Keith Uhlich, Time Out

Directed by
Runtime 84 Minutes
Release date 2009