The Duke Of Burgundy

The Duke Of Burgundy

Passion and jealousy makes for a heady mix in Peter Strickland’s knowing and visually rhapsodic reinvention of 1970s European erotica.

In an unnamed European town, in an unspecified year, Cynthia and Evelyn live a charmed but rules-oriented existence. Every day, Evelyn cycles to Cynthia’s mansion to work as a lowly maid. While Cynthia inflicts countless humiliations upon her. But is the balance of power that uneven? The pair’s routine is in itself part of a larger erotic game and woe betide those who become ensnared. Heady with atmosphere, laden with wit and brimming with filmic references, The Duke of Burgundy will leave you reeling in a state of exquisite bliss.

BBFC 18 - Sexual fetish theme

★★★★★ “Strickland has made something uniquely sexy and strange, built on two tremendous central performances and a bone-deep understanding of cinema’s magic and mechanisms” - Robbie Collin, The Telegraph

Directed by
Runtime 105 Minutes
Release date 2015
  • Certification: 18