The Fire Within

An incendiary account of one man’s attempt to quell the demons within him, Louis Malle’s stylish The Fire Within is also one of his most intense.Based on the novel ‘Will O’ the Wisp’ by Pierre Drieu La Rochelle and inspired by the life of the French Surrealist poet Jacques Rigaut, The Fire Within features Maurice Ronet and Jeanne Moreau (the stars of Lift to the Scaffold). He is Alain, a recovering alcoholic who finds little value in his existence but decides to visit friends in Paris to rejuvenate his lust for life. Those around him have no idea of his intentions, but are alarmed by his behaviour. Ronet is excellent as Alain, while Malle increases the levels of intensity to produce a powerful portrait of self-destruction.

Directed by
Runtime 104 Minutes
Release date 1963