The Lunchbox

The Lunchbox

A film to whet the appetite, feed the mind and lift the heart, discover the BAFTA-nominated ‘The Lunchbox’ from the director of ‘Photograph’.

When Saajan (Irrfan Khan - ‘Life of Pi’), an ill-tempered Mumbai office worker nearing retirement, is delivered the wrong lunch he is pleasantly surprised by the improvement in his food. The lunchbox had been intended for young housewife Ila’s emotionally indifferent husband in an attempt to win back his favour. When he fails to respond to her efforts, Ila decides to enclose a note in the next meal and Saajan, his taste-buds tickled and his interest piqued, decides to write back…

An exquisite comedy-drama featuring mouth-watering scenes of culinary delights, ‘The Lunchbox’ is guaranteed to sate your appetite.

★★★★ “A quiet storm of banked emotions” - Xan Brooks, The Observer

★★★★ “Handled with wit, charm and poignancy” - David Parkinson, Empire

Directed by
Runtime 105 Minutes
Release date 2014
  • Certification: pg