The Night Is Young

The Night Is Young

Leos Carax’s cult favourite ‘The Night is Young’ established Juliette Binoche as one of France’s most talented young actors.

Petty thief and street hustler Alex (Denis Lavant) plots to steal a new miracle cure for a mysterious AIDS-like virus on behalf of his gangster friend Marc (Michel Piccoli). But this attracts the notice of a mysterious American woman who also wants the serum.

One of the most notable films of the 80s, ‘The Night is Young’ (‘Bad Blood’) is a dazzlingly inventive mix of off-beat romance and sci-fi thriller that cemented Carax’s reputation as one of the most exciting directors in the world.

★★★★★ “Tosses coherence out the window for a colourful rhapsody of emotional rapture” - Josh Slater-Williams, The Skinny

Directed by
Runtime 105 Minutes
Release date 1986
  • Certification: 15