The Truth

The Cannes-winning director of Shoplifters and one of the most articulate chroniclers of family life makes his non-Japanese debut with this gem.

Fabienne (a fabulous Catherine Deneuve) is a star who fears her career is on the wane. She is visited by her daughter Lumir (Juliette Binoche) and son-in-law (Ethan Hawke) just as her tell-all memoir is published, and she embarks on a pivotal role in a science fiction drama. As unimpressed as she is by her mother’s embrace of fiction as truth, Lumir is keen to re-establish her relationship with Fabienne, if only so her daughter can get to know her eccentric and narcissistic grandmother. Hirokazu Koreeda’s family drama profits from Deneuve’s star-turn. It’s one of the French icon’s best roles in years and, as you would expect, she is every bit the star.

Directed by
Runtime 106 Minutes
Release date 2020