Toni Erdmann

How well do we really know our parents or children? And how far would we go to find out more?

These are the two questions that lie at the heart of Maren Ade’s Oscar nominated social comedy, which deservedly swept the boards at the European Film Awards. Peter Simonischek plays Winifred Conradi, a fiftysomething man whose concern about his daughter’s wellbeing finds him adopting the alter-ego Toni Erdmann to bring levity into her life. Unfortunately, Ines (a brilliant Sandra Hüller) is not so impressed with her father’s antics, especially when it impacts her work.

Featuring a series of hilarious set-pieces – including a jaw-dropping rendition of ‘The Greatest Love of All’ and a dinner party that becomes increasingly surreal – Toni Erdmann once and for all settles the argument over whether German comedy can travel. Maren Ade’s brilliant film perfectly balances comedy with genuine concern for the way we live our lives.

Directed by
Runtime 159 Minutes
Release date 2017