This Woman's Work

In Zeina Durra’s intoxicating ‘Luxor’, the brilliant Andrea Riseborough’s Hana returns to the ancient Egyptian city to recharge after working on the frontline of a humanitarian crisis. It’s a compelling portrait of a woman seeking a balance between her personal and public life. It’s also a feature shared amongst all the films in this collection. From the other side of the Iron Curtain during the Cold War (‘Barbara’) and the globalised world of corporate life (‘Toni Erdmann’) to the demands of public service (‘The Queen’) or deep rooted faith (‘Lourdes’). From the perspective of a gender-fluid history (‘Orlando’) and a lonely battle to save the environment (‘Woman at War’) to life in captivity (‘Lion’s Den’), under pressure (‘Two Days and One Night’) or fighting for your rights (‘Aquarius’). These dramas find their characters at a crossroads, deciding on the way they want to live their lives.