Anaïs in Love

Anaïs in Love

Few films capture the sun-kissed air of summer romance with such blissful rhapsody as Charline Bourgeois-Tacquet’s directorial debut.

The Anaïs in question is played by Anaïs Demoustier (The Girl with a Bracelet, The New Girlfriend). A young woman who moves breezily through life, she charms everyone in sight, from the landlady who is owed three month’s rent, to her ex whose say over an issue that arguably affects them both is minimal at best. But then Anaïs becomes infatuated with a married man. If her feelings for him soon evaporate, her curiosity about his wife only grows. A bestselling author, Emilie (Valeria Bruno Tedeschi, who doesn’t so much steal every scene she’s in than charismatically hijack the entire film) might be the soul mate that Anaïs has been looking for and seeks to ingratiate herself with her potential new friend at a highbrow literary retreat.

Like a buck’s fizz on a summer’s day, Bourgeois-Tacquet’s film is a refreshing treat. But lying under the joie de vivre of Anaïs’ existence, the filmmaker ponders the nature of her protagonist’s life and the impact she has on others. Where will Anaïs’ life lead when the season finally changes?

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Directed by
Runtime 98 Minutes
Release date 19 August 2022
  • Certification: 15