Buster Keaton Shorts Vol 3

Three classic short films from the master of silent comedy Buster Keaton. The Paleface (1922) Buster is an absent-minded butterfly-chasing entomologist who stumbles into the midst of warring Indian tribes. This is the comedy in which he retreats backwards on his hands and knees across a suspension bridge, removing the staves in front of him and placing them behind to create his own caterpillar track! Cops (1922) A wonderful example of Buster Keaton’s film artistry. A carefully orchestrated series of gags in which he plays an innocent who tries to impress his girl by becoming more than he is, and winds up inextricably caught in a police parade that breaks up to pursue him. The Frozen North (1922) Buster Keaton uproariously lampoons the western melodramas of William S. Hart and the highly stylised and absurd conventions of Twenties Western epics. Buster finds himself in the frozen north, “last stop on the subway.”

Directed by
Runtime 72 Minutes
Release date 1921