Privacy Policy


1. What is in this Privacy Policy and how it may be changed.

This privacy policy describes the types of personal information we collect when you are accessing, purchasing tickets, applying for membership, applying to work with us, using our on-demand player, using our Wi-Fi or other services, taking part in competitions and commenting through the use of CURZON Channels or on any of our public spaces (our “Privacy Policy”).

“CURZON Channels” means our cinemas, our membership scheme, our websites and apps. Our websites include the following including all mirror and derivative versions, ‘storefronts’, or applications:

Here, we describe the practices we follow to respect your privacy, which you accept by using any of the CURZON’s Channels and we expect CURZON’s suppliers to observe the same practice. If you do not agree with this Privacy Policy or other of our policies, you must not use any of the CURZON Channels.

If you have any questions regarding the processing of your personal information, please contact us (see point 17 below).

We may add or amend this Privacy Policy from time to time. Changes will take effect as soon as they are posted on the relevant CURZON ‘s Channels. You agree to be bound by the updated version as soon as you use any of the CURZON Channels.

Unless otherwise defined in this Privacy Policy, terms have the same meanings as in our Terms and Conditions.

2. How this Privacy Policy applies to you and other policies that may also apply

Other policies or terms and conditions may apply to you, please check all the terms and conditions relevant to your usage of the CURZON Channels or other good and services we offer you. For instance, if you are:

Note that third parties’ terms and conditions may also apply to you (see points 10 “Social Media” and 11 “Third Party Links” below).

3. When and what information is collected?

When you access our websites

When you visit our websites, we will collect data about your use of our websites via cookies and web beacons (see point 10 below). This information helps us to ensure we can deliver the best experience possible to you. Examples of the information we collect include the pages on the website you visit, the banners and/or adverts you may click and your location such as via your IP addresses.

In addition, the following system information (“System Information”) may be collected too: usage statistics, system logs, performance and security data, records of support requests, and aggregated data about how the CURZON ‘s Channels are used (e.g. performance counters, access logs, metrics, associated metadata, unique identifiers for devices, technical information about the devices you use, the network, operating system and browser). This may contain limited information about your registration, where information such as email addresses or usernames appear in log records.

When you register

We collect information on you if you choose to register, to create an account, to become a CURZON Member or receive ongoing updates from CURZON (e.g. newsletter). The registration process identifies the fields mandatory for your registration, they represent the minimum information needed; you may fill the other fields at your discretion.

Here is the list of information you provide to us about you, or that is collected in connection with:

You may unsubscribe at any time as set out in (point 15 “Unsubscribe” below).

When you purchase

If you choose to purchase any good or services through the CURZON Channels, we will collect transaction details including your name, details of your order, contact information you provided which will be held and used to fulfil your order, notify you of the status of your order (e.g. sending you a confirmation email); all of this information will be sent to our web servers (using encrypted HTTPS SHA-256 with RSA or better encryption).

Where you make a purchase by credit/debit card via:

Surveys, Competitions and Giveaways

On our website and blog and through survey questionnaires you may be able to participate in surveys, competitions, giveaways and promotions. We may ask you for information such as name, email, address, your interests, preferences and feedback and survey responses. We use the information you provide to administer competitions and giveaways and other promotions.

When you express an interest in working for CURZON

If you choose to help us make cinema unforgettable by responding to a vacancy listed on Recruitment, this Privacy Policy applies to the personal information you send us during the course of the recruitment process.

When you visit our Cinema venues

When visiting our cinemas, our CCTV system may record your image. CCTV will only be viewed when necessary (for example, to detect or prevent crime) and footage is stored for a limited period, after which it is recorded over. We are happy to provide you with free access to our Wi-Fi when you visit our CURZON cinemas. When using the Wi-Fi, we may collect data about:

  1. your name, email address and device;
  2. the volume of data, which you use;
  3. the websites and applications which you access; and
  4. your usage by access time, frequency and location.

4. How we use the information we collect?

Your data will be held by us for and on our and our group companies’ behalf, and this Privacy Policy sets out how we and they will look after data that you give us or learn about you through our relationship with you when you use CURZON’s Channels.

We may use some of the information that we hold about you to send you information about our, and our group companies’, products and services. In most circumstances we will only do this if we have your consent, but there may be some situations where we have a legitimate interest in doing so (being a business or commercial reason that does not go unfairly against your rights). For example, if you have booked a ticket to an event, which is cancelled, we would wish to contact you directly to inform you of the change and your rights to a refund.

The data you provide to us is stored in a number of external systems – such as our box office system, payment providers and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems. We have agreements in place with all third party providers which ensure they meet EU data security standards.

With all this information safely stored, we will refer to it to open, administer, run and improve your account and CURZON’s Channels, including dealing with enquiries you may have; and, we will analyse purchase history, web browsing data and lifestyle data to tailor our marketing communications, website presentation and internet advertising to meet your preferences. For example, if you have purchased a ticket to see a film in one of our cinemas, we may wish to inform you via email that a film by the same director is available on Curzon Home Cinema/Curzon On Demand.

Separately, personal data and information collected via CCTV in operation in our Curzon venues will be used to provide assistance to the police and enforcement agencies to detect, deter and prevent crime and disorder; to help identify, apprehend and prosecute offenders; to provide the police/council with evidence to enable criminal and/or civil proceedings to be brought in the courts; and to maintain public order.

Description of uses, purpose with their associated lawful basis

What use? What purpose Our legal reason
Fulfilling our contractual obligations to you
  • managing our relationship
  • providing guidance
  • making and manage payments made by or due to you
  • recovering money owed to us or other companies in our group
  • managing risk for us, our group and our customers
  • complying with legal and audit obligations
  • resolving complaints, queries and support requests
  • ensuring our platform and services are functioning properly
  • scanning meta data to provide you or users with feedback on the interactions you or they are about to make, or to encrypt or unencrypt email traffic
  • managing your account and providing requested services or access
  • keeping our customer records accurate and up-to-date
  • responding to you and ensuring our relationship with you runs smoothly
  • ensuring we comply with our legal duties efficiently

We use account and System Information

  • for the performance of a contract
  • in following our legitimate interests
  • to perform legal duty
Support and maintenance of the CURZON Channels
  • developing, testing new systems, features, ways to meet your needs
  • studying your use of them
  • providing guidance on them
  • ensuring our platform and services are functioning properly
  • responding to and resolving requests and support requests
  • obeying our, or our group’s, legal obligations and the prevention and detection of crime (CCTV)
  • understanding desirability of potential products
  • developing products and pricing
  • ensuring proper functioning
  • ensuring we comply with our legal duties efficiently

We use account and System Information

  • for the performance of a contract
  • in following our legitimate interests
  • to perform legal duty
Legitimate interests
  • developing, maintaining and growing our brand, goods and services
  • managing, tracking and developing our customer relationships
  • recovering money owed to us
  • managing risk for us, our group
  • complying with our, or our group’s, legal obligations and the prevention and detection of crime
  • resolving complaints, queries, requests and support requests
  • exercising our contractual rights
  • running our and our group’s businesses efficiently (e.g. customer relationship management, finance, business prospects, suppliers, planning, communications, corporate governance and audit)
  • creating anonymous, pseudonymised reports/statistics
  • developing products and pricing
  • ensuring compliance with our legal duties efficiently
  • ensuring we manage our contractual obligations, rights and relationships efficiently
  • ensuring that we operate our group efficiently and in a legally compliant manner
  • to make sure you’re engaging with the right part of our group
  • for the performance of a contract
  • in following our legitimate interests
  • to perform legal duty
  • developing and carrying out marketing activities
  • understanding you better through use of third parties including Social Media
  • your consent
  • your request
  • our legitimate interests

We use account and System Information in following our legitimate interests

5. Is your personal information shared with others?

We will not share personal information with third parties except as listed here, subject always to appropriate safeguards to protect your personal information and will not pass it onto any other party without consent or valid grounds:

  1. our employees, our group of companies, professional advisors or prospective buyer or financier and similar professionals;
  2. individuals or companies performing obligations on our behalf (e.g. Box Office systems, administration of our websites);
  3. professional advisers performing analysis, report, project to improve goods and services we offer; and/or, to improve the CURZON Channels;
  4. third parties you agreed to share your information with. For instance, in our Bloomsbury cinema, a screening room is dedicated to documentaries selected by Bertha DocHouse. If you choose to share your information with Bertha DocHouse (opting in when purchasing a ticket), we will share your information with them via secure Application Programming Interface (API). Please contact Bertha DocHouse, to determine their use of your information.
  5. third party social media platforms (such as Facebook) to see if you are a registered user of their services and match them with information they hold about you to identify the portion of their users who share similar interests to you, to send to such other users advertising and promotions about CURZON products and services in accordance with their own privacy policies; or
  6. to the extent necessary to comply with requests from the police, the law or a valid court order of a court with competent jurisdiction or comply with legal obligations.

In addition, if CURZON or any part of our business is restructured, sold to or integrated with another business, we may transfer customer information (including your personal information) to other companies within our group or the new owners, as the case may be. Where CURZON operates a cinema business under a commercial arrangement with a third party, such as a cinema management agreement (e.g. the CURZON Mondrian), we may at the end of that commercial arrangement transfer customer information relevant to that cinema business (which may include your personal information) to that third party. In each case, the transferred information is to be used by the new business and its group of companies (if any) in the same ways as set out in this Privacy Policy, including providing you with any information services you receive from CURZON.

Anonymised or pseudonymised information may be shared with business partners or sponsors for analysis, ensuring that your identity is not revealed.

6. Do we collect children’s data?

The CURZON Channels are not intended for use by children. We understand the importance of protecting children’s information, especially online, and we do not knowingly collect or maintain information about children.

Please note that you must be over 18 years of age to register to any of the CURZON Channels except for the CURZON Student Membership (see Membership Terms and Conditions). If you are under 18, please ask a parent or guardian to register and remain liable on your behalf.

7. Is any sensitive personal information collected?

We do not intentionally collect any sensitive personal information via the CURZON Channels unless it is required to do so, for example, for recruitment purposes.

Please do not send or share information revealing your racial or ethnic origin; political opinions; religious or philosophical beliefs.

8. How can you update your information?

We would like you to keep your personal information up-to-date, please do so either by updating your account online or informing us. You may request a copy of your personal information (see point 14 “Controlling your Data”).

9. How is your information transferred and stored?

We rely on our legitimate business interests for the storage, maintenance and processing of your personal information. To operate our group effectively we use shared systems, resources and sub-contractors so Account and System Information may be transferred to these parties, stored or processed outside the European Economic Area or the country where you or a user is located. Where we do so we will ensure that any transfer is subject to appropriate safeguards.

10. How do cookies and web beacons work?

We use cookies, web beacons and other web technologies (such as Google Analytics, Google Tag, Share This) to provide you with ‘web’ facilities, to improve your user’s journey through CURZON Channels or to provide a more personalized browsing experience (e.g. avoiding having to re-enter information typed in a previous page or improve the display of our websites).

The personal information collected (including via cookies) may be used:

  1. to carry out our obligations under the contract(s) between us (e.g. contract for the purchase of ticket(s) or Membership Agreement); and/or,
  2. to determine your use of the CURZON Channels and your interests so we can tailor more relevant advertising or services to you; and/or,
  3. to improve goods and services offered by CURZON; and/or,
  4. to improve CURZON Websites and/or CURZON Social Media.

What is a cookie?

A “cookie” is technology that allows storage of small units of information (an ‘identifier’) in your browser while you are using the CURZON Channels. Cookies are not used to determine the personal identity of anyone merely visiting the CURZON Websites but they have various functions.

What cookies do we use?

The cookies used by the our website perform four functions:

  1. Essential/Strictly Necessary cookies for the functioning of our websites (e.g. facilitating bookings or remembering your log-in details).
  2. Performance and design cookies to measure how many times a page has been visited, what device was used, whether a page has been visited through an advertisement or by other means. We use Google Analytics that resorts to cookies to analyse your use of our websites. Google will store, use, and evaluate the information to compile reports on the activity generated by our websites.
  3. Functionality cookies to remember your settings, which you may have selected, or assist with other functionality when you browse and use our websites. This helps us to remember what you have selected, so on your return visit we remember your preferences.
  4. Targeting and Tracking Cookies to help us understand your interests as you browse the internet, so we can tailor and deliver to you a more personalised service in the future. This assists us in delivering relevant advertising to you during various advertising campaigns we may run from time to time through participating third party sites.

In addition, we also use cookies on certain pages to communicate with third party data suppliers on an anonymous basis in order to extrapolate your digital behaviour. This helps us to understand and target more relevant advertising in the future. The information we receive is all aggregate and anonymous, but will include statistics such as demographics, online behaviour, product interests and lifestyle. Targeting and tracking cookies are provided via trusted third party suppliers. For further information, please contact us (see point 17).

How do I disable cookies?

If you do not want to receive cookies from our websites, you have the option of setting your browser to notify you when you receive a cookie, so that you may determine whether to accept it or not. However, please be aware that turning off ‘cookies’ in your browser, may prevent you from experiencing some of our websites’ features (e.g. making a purchase may not be possible).

What are Web Beacons?

We may occasionally advertise on third party web sites. As part of our effort to track the success of our advertising campaigns, we may at times use a visitor identification technology such as “web beacons,” or “action tags,” which count visitors who have come to our websites after being exposed to a banner ad on a third party site. We do not use this technology to access your personal information and it is only used to compile aggregated statistics about visitors to gauge the effectiveness of our ads.

By navigating on our websites, you agree that we can place cookies and web beacons on your computer or device. If you prefer not to, then you should stop using our websites, or consult your browsing settings.

11. What about Social Media?

You may wish to participate in the various blogs, forums, wikis and other social media platforms hosted by CURZON (“Social Media”), for instance:

Curzon Facebook

Facebook Artificial Eye

Curzon Twitter

Twitter Artificial Eye

We use Social Media mainly to facilitate our communication with you.

The Social Media pages are subject to the current terms of use of such social media platforms including their own privacy policy. CURZON has no control over terms of use including privacy policy applied by any third parties; please read these terms carefully to determine their use of your personal information.

Note that we cannot be held responsible if the information you share on Social Media platforms is subsequently used, misused or otherwise appropriated by another user; and, we make no representations or warranties regarding how user data is stored or used on third-party servers.

12. What about third party links?

We reserve the right to insert third party links into our websites or Social Media either for informational or advertisement purposes. Such insertions are not endorsement of the content of the third party link(s). CURZON does not make any representations on behalf of the third party’s whose link(s) is inserted onto our websites or Social Media. CURZON is not responsible for the privacy policy applicable to such third party’s link(s) and websites.

13. How you can help keep your information secure?

You should treat any username, passwords, membership ID and other account information that you have entered on or provided to us as confidential and keep them secure; do not disclose any of them to any third party.

If you are aware of an unauthorised use of your information, please inform us immediately. We reserve the right to disable your registration and/or account at any time should a security concern arises.

14. How can you control your information?

How long we will keep your personal information for?

We will keep your information for as long as you are a customer of ours. After you stop being a customer, we may retain your information for our legitimate interests, including maintaining records required for legal or regulatory reasons, showing that we complied with our contractual obligations, responding to any complaints or queries, and for research and statistical purposes. We will ensure its confidentiality where we do so.

Understanding the information we hold about you

You can find out what information we hold about you by emailing us at [[email protected]](mailto:[email protected]. Please ensure that the title of your email is “data subject access request”.

Correcting information we hold about you

You have the right to question any data we hold about you if you think it is wrong or incomplete. We’d actually actively encourage you to do this to make sure what we do hold is accurate, up-to-date and relevant. Please contact us at [email protected] we will then investigate them and correct them where relevant. Please ensure that the title of your email is “Correcting my information”.

Stopping us processing your information

You have the right to object to how we’re using your data, or to ask us to delete, erase or stop processing it if there’s no reason for us to use it.

Note however that:

If you want to get in contact for the reasons set out in this section, please do so at [email protected]. Please make sure your email is titled “Erasure of my personal data”.

Restricting the ways in which we process your information

You have the right to ask us to restrict how we’re processing your information if:

If you want to get in contact for the reasons set out in this section, please do so at [email protected]. Please make sure your email is titled “Restriction of the use of my personal data”.

15. How can you unsubscribe?

CURZON gives you choices regarding the usage of your personal information. If you have registered for any related updates through our websites, and do not wish to receive future emails, you can unsubscribe at any time via the link at the bottom of all emails.

You are currently required to unsubscribe from each individual subscription you have signed up to in order to stop being contacted by CURZON. For example, if you unsubscribe from, you may be contacted by if you have agreed to communications.

Note that you may change the settings in your browser if you wish not to be part of any analysis of your user journey.

16. How can you make a complaint?

If you have any concerns or complaints with how we have processed your data, please do contact us as soon as you can at [email protected]. You also have a right to complain to the Information Commissioners’ Office, the UK’s data protection regulator. You can find out more about this right here: Concerns

17. How can you contact us?

CURZON Cinemas and Curzon Home Cinema / Curzon On Demand

We’re Curzon Cinemas Limited. We’re a limited liability company registered in England and Wales (number 00283280). Our registered office is 20-22 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LR, United Kingdom. Our VAT number is GB 888506472. You can contact us with questions relating to this policy at [email protected].

Curzon Artificial Eye

We’re Curzon Film World Limited. We’re a limited liability company registered in England and Wales (number 01243421). Our registered office is 20-22 Stukeley Street, London, WC2B 5LR, United Kingdom. Our VAT number is GB 234826949. You can contact us with questions relating to this policy at [email protected]

When contacting us we strongly recommend you don’t email us confidential or personal information. If you do, it’s at your own risk although the terms of this policy will apply to our use of that information. For general enquiries please contact [email protected]

Our security procedures mean that we may occasionally request proof of identity before we are able to disclose information to you.

18. Please note that we do not make any warranties

CURZON does not guarantee that the transmission of personal information via the Internet is secure and such transmission is at your own risk. Once transmitted, your personal information will be stored on secure servers and payment encrypted.

19. What laws apply?

Please note that these terms, their subject matter and formation (and any non- contractual disputes or claims) are governed by the laws of England and Wales. We both agree that the courts of England and Wales will have exclusive jurisdiction.