I'm So Excited

A celebration of camp excess and Almodóvar’s most outré comedy, this hilarious plane-bound romp is a turbulent ride.

A very mixed group of travellers find themselves in a life-threatening situation aboard a plane bound for Mexico City. ‘Airplane!’ this is not, but for stewards Joserra (Javier Cámara), Fajardo (Carlos Areces), and Ulloa (Raúl Arévalo), who have started on the tequila before the play even leaves the runway, this is going to be no ordinary flight. Soon, passengers in first-class discover that all is not well in the cockpit, the economy passengers have all been drugged and a psychic sees nothing but their impending doom.

A cocktail of mayhem and hilarity, even its writer-director described ‘I’m So Excited’ as ‘a light, very light comedy’. Opening with game cameos by Antonio Banderas and Penélope Cruz – playing ground crew, of all things – Almodóvar’s comedy of shockingly ill-mannered people is a minor delight.

Directed by
Runtime 90 Minutes
Release date 2013