Life Of Crime

Life Of Crime

‘Get Shorty’, ‘Out of Sight’ and ‘Jackie Brown’ author Elmore Leonard’s crime novel gets a dust down in this sprightly, all-star crime caper, which is headed up by Jennifer Anniston.

A skilled comic performer, Aniston is perfect as Mickey, the trophy wife of a wealthy property magnate (Tim Robbins). She finds herself kidnapped by a couple of inept criminals, one of whom immediately begins to feel pangs of guilt. But then its made clear who commissioned the kidnapping, which prompts a series of double and triple-crosses.

Leonard was a master of the carefully plotted crime drama. But here the direction balances his narrative dexterity with a lighter touch. The result, thanks to Anniston, the ever-dependable John Hawkes, Tim Robbins, Mos Def and Isla Fisher, is smart, sexy and fun.

★★★★ “A droll and well-observed comedy thriller” - Geoffrey Macnab, The Independent

★★★★ “A good-natured, unexpectedly winning treat” - Catherine Shoard, The Guardian

Directed by
Runtime 94 Minutes
Release date 2014
  • Certification: 15