Michael H. Profession: Director

Over the last 25 years, Michael Haneke has established himself as the most influential filmmaker of his generation and as one of the most important directors in cinema history. From his early work through to the multi award-winning Happy End, he has created a unique universe, revealing like no other the darkest corners of society, our existential fears and emotional outbursts.

Through interviews with Haneke and his actors - Isabelle Huppert, Juliette Binoche, Emmanuelle Riva amongst many others - as well as previously unseen behind-the-scenes footage, this documentary uncovers the secrets of his working practice and depicts this rare artist, often seen as a cold, calculating creator, in a revealing, insightful and humane new light.

★★★★ “A must-see for anyone who admires this director” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

Directed by
Runtime 92 Minutes
Release date 2013