Preparations to Be Together For an Unknown Period of Time

Lili Horvát’s accomplished second feature plays with film noir and the psychological thriller to winning effect.

Respected neurosurgeon Márta, played by outstanding newcomer Natasa Stork, met fellow surgeon János (Viktor Bodó) at a conference and decides to travel back from the US to her native Hungary to see him. But when they finally meet, János claims he and Márta have never previously met, let alone fallen in love. Márta feints, is helped by young medical student Alex (Benett Vilmány), who then falls in love with her, further complicating matters. Márta becomes increasingly obsessed with János but strives to separate the real from the imagined. Horvát’s film successfully walks a precarious tightrope, resulting in an engrossing female-driven thriller that engages the heart as much as the mind.

Directed by
Runtime 95 Minutes
Release date 2021