The Dog Who Wouldn't Be Quiet

For acclaimed Argentine filmmaker Ana Katz, 73 minutes is all you need to grapple with the meaning of life in this enigmatic, life-affirming wonder.

Sebastian, an ordinary man in his thirties, works a slew of banal temporary jobs and is utterly devoted to his loyal dog. As he moves fitfully through adulthood, he navigates love, loss and fatherhood, until a sudden catastrophe upends his already turbulent life.

Shot over a period of five years –­ hence the number of credited cinematographers, who nevertheless produce a seamless stream of gorgeous monochrome images – Katz’s film manages to hone in on the minutest of details of daily life whilst also grappling with the bigger issues of existence. Played by Katz’s brother Daniel, Sebastian is a quiet hero, attempting to deal with a world that can’t handle the noise of his dog – even if we never hear it. But that’s just one of the challenges he faces in this unique drama – one that is quite unlike anything else.

Directed by
Runtime 73 Minutes
Release date 2020