The Thief Of Baghdad

The Thief Of Baghdad

Heartthrob Douglas Fairbanks writes and stars in this silent adventure fantasy about a dashing thief who wins a princess. One of the most imaginative of all silent movies, this 2K restoration is a spectacular Arabian Nights adventure.

Directed by the great Raoul Walsh (he of the distinctive eye-patch) who went on to film many of Hollywood’s leading men including Spencer Tracy, Humphrey Bogart, James Cagney and Gregory Peck and started out under D.W Griffith, this is one of the most dazzling movies of the silent era ‘The Thief of Baghdad’ is part of the Cohen Film Collection, a library of handpicked vintage and contemporary classics and new films produced by the Cohen Media Group.

The collection features more than 800 films and in addition to their historic significance, they feature stories that entertain, universal themes that still resonate, and craftsmanship that continues to inspire today’s leading filmmakers.

★★★★★ “Douglas Fairbanks is magnetic in this fun early adventure.” - Kim Newman, Empire
“A feat of motion picture art which has never been equaled and one which itself will enthrall persons time and again.” - Mordaunt Hall, New York Times

Directed by
Runtime 146 Minutes
Release date 1924
  • Certification: u