The Turin Horse

The Turin Horse

Taking its cue from Nietsche’s famous encounter with a mistreated horse on Via Carlo Alberto, ‘The Turin Horse’ depicts the aftermath of this seemingly innocuous but destructively profound confrontation.

Following a man and his daughter in their daily routine, a bizarre series of disturbing events slowly begin to strip life of its very essence resulting in a terrifying, all-consuming finale.

Raw, compelling and emotionally devastating, Béla Tarr’s final film is a daringly original and searingly vivid work of artistically precise, philosophically rigorous filmmaking that has left audiences the world over gasping for breath. This work is also committed to Tarr’s ‘remodernist cinema’ that seeks to capture the rhythm of life in real time and to raise a sharp awareness of the moment.

To coincide with the release of January on Curzon Home Cinema, we’re delighted to present The Turin Horse as part of director Andrey Paounov’s Director’s Picks collection. Discover the line up here and watch the Introduction below.

★★★★ “The movie exerts an eerie grip, with echoes of Bresson, Bergman and Dreyer, but is utterly distinctive” - Peter Bradshaw, The Guardian

”‘Sántántangó’ remains my favourite Béla Tarr film, with its brandy-soaked Machiavellian misery. But ‘The Turin Horse’ feels as if it could have unfolded in a neighbouring village. The air feels just as wretched” - Peter Strickland

Directed by
Runtime 146 Minutes
Release date 2012
  • Certification: 15
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