An audacious concept lies at the heart of the this drama by acclaimed German filmmaker Christian Petzold (‘Barbara’, ‘Phoenix’).

Transposed from a 1942 novella to a modern day setting, it finds a group of migrants and refugees borderless, awaiting visas and in hope of a new beginning. Georg has taken on the identity of a dead writer and with his new documents plans to start a life in Mexico.

Everything changes when he meets Maria, the writer’s wife, and falls in love with her.

★★★★ “Its mysterious, dreamlike quality began to surround me like mist.” - Peter Bradshaw’s Film Of The Week, The Guardian

★★★★★ “With so many layers to unpack, this one stays with you.” - Trevor Johnston, Little White Lies

★★★★ “The stress, anxiety and indignity of being a displaced person has rarely felt so frightening or urgent.” - John Nugent, Empire

Directed by
Runtime 102 Minutes
Release date 2019
  • Certification: 12